Unlocking ‘Shift-Left’ Testing with Intelligent Test Automation

Today’s software teams need more than basic automated testing tools and reports to achieve Quality@Speed. Software applications are growing exponentially in size and software releases are accelerating, leading to vulnerable applications that are becoming daily front-page news. For teams to avoid the threats of today’s connected world and truly ‘shift left’ testing, they need to leverage new techniques that enable them to control and understand risk, readiness, and testing completeness. 
In this session, we will cover:
How to efficiently build a solid testing pyramid, from unit tests to automated and manual functional tests 
Best practices for Continuous Testing, including the use of dynamic test environments and disposable test data 
How to leverage Intelligent Analytics, such as Change-Based Testing, Modified Code Coverage, and Risky Code Changes, to prioritize your agile testing activities 
Putting these together will allow you to unlock your shift-left potential

Vorgetragen von: Thomas Haas
Unternehmen: Parasoft

Vortragssprache: Deutsch
Level: Fortgeschrittene

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