Software Quality at ams AG

Introducing software quality processes and software development processes in a hardware driven company is a lengthy undertaking. Software development is not established by decision in such companies. It simply happens. However, sooner or later there comes the point in time where software development becomes mission critical for projects and people start asking for quality management.


This work describes how ams AG has decided to resolve this issue. We have decided to introduce Software Quality Requirements that tell the software engineers what to do, without mandating how to do. The approach is scalable and allows the company to grow into quality driven software development. Furthermore this work discusses results of quality audits after enrolling the Software Quality Requirements.

Nutzen für den Teilnehmer:
*) The presentation might trigger ideas for alternative and light-weight software development processes.
*) Learn from practical experience on how to (and how not to) introduce processes.
*) Learn about common pitfalls in software development projects.
*) Get insights on how software projects experience the introduction of a quality process.

Behandelte Problemstellungen:
Software Development in an Heterogeneous Engineering Organization

Vorgetragen von: Johannes Loinig
Unternehmen: ams AG

Vortragssprache: Englisch
Level: Einsteiger
Zielgruppe: SW Developers, SW Managers, SW Quaity Engineers

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