Quality Engineering: to really manage quality we must change our culture to engineering.

Software quality is a much bigger area than program bugs. It contains very many types of quality simultaneously such as security, usability, maintainability, and a wide range of qualities and values which are interesting to the domain. For example nurses effectiveness n a medical system, or trading risk management in a banking system.


Software quality is not simply about algorithm quality, but is very much about the qualities of the other soft components such as databases, work processes, documentation, instruction in use of the system; and for most systems, we need to take a system wide view which includes the people, the hardware, the services and the economics. This means we have to think of Systems Engineering for Qualities.


Scope. Technical and Management solutions.

Nutzen für den Teilnehmer:
The value is that:
1. they will greatly enlarge their understanding of the multiple qualities necessity.
2. they will get free access to a number of useful tools for managing qualities
3. some will be inspired to improve the scope of what their organization does about quality

Behandelte Problemstellungen:
what are the technical methods or tools we need in order to master the qualities of software?

What education or training is needed to delivery multiple qualities, within acceptable costs?

What can an individual participant do in the short term about the challenge.

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