Avaloq Evolution AG – Innovative Quality Metrics

Can quality metrics support a company in achieving its strategic objectives in times of globalisation, expansion and new business models?


Cornelia Seide, head of Process and Quality Management at Avaloq, the leading Swiss banking software and financial services provider, explains how Avaloq has set up and introduced a KPI dashboard for the company’s software divisions using an agile approach. How was Avaloq’s management convinced? How were the relevant quality metrics identified? How does Avaloq measure and aggregate quality metrics and KPIs? Does an attractive and high-performance visualisation of quality metrics increase the acceptance within the company? What additional measures should be taken when introducing a KPI dashboard and new quality metrics?


Nutzen für den Teilnehmer:
• Learn from others – best practice experience for the introduction/update of QM systems in a fast-changing business environment
• Inspiration for state-of-the-art KPI dashboards, analytics and visualisation
• Tips for the successful introduction of a KPI dashboard and quality metrics

Behandelte Problemstellungen:
Does an expanding and internationally operating company benefit from a KPI dashboard and quality metrics for software development? Does a Software KPI dashboard and quality metrics support management in implementing the company’s strategy?

What are the central features of an attractive KPI dashboard with innovative and interesting quality metrics? How can you dynamically adapt new quality metrics? How can you set up, use and maintain them according to the needs of the target group? Which parts must be stable and which dynamic?

How can you prevent the introduction of a KPI dashboard and quality metrics from failing from the outset due to resistance within the company? How can you deal with reservation in a constructive way? Does an agile implementation/introduction help?

Vorgetragen von: Cornelia Seide
Unternehmen: Avaloq Evolution AG

Vortragssprache: Deutsch
Level: Fortgeschrittene
Zielgruppe: Quality Manager, Management

Partner 2018